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Automatic 3d Snacks Pellet Papad Making Machine manufacturer in Noida, India

As a manufacturer of fortified rice plant and macaroni making machine, Growmax International is also a 3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine manufacturer. Growmax International is Automatic 3d Papad Making Machine manufacturer for 3d papad makers. Our machines are made of high quality stainless steel.

It is designed in such a way that it reduces power consumption and provides maximum production. So that you all do not have any problem in producing 3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine and making profits from it.

We take care of our customers' needs. Our supported team provides quick solutions to your customers. For any technical issue you can contact our team.

About The 3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine | 3d Papad Making Machine

Before knowing about the machine, let us know what 3D Snacks Pellet Papad is.

Snack pellets are semi-processed pieces made from potatoes, grains and other raw materials to make a variety of snacks. Nowadays, apart from India, this type of pellet snacks have also made a special contribution in America, China, Europe and other countries.

Candy and chips are a good option to reduce weight gain, curb increasing cravings, provide energy to those on the go throughout the day and keep the mood fresh. We talked to people who have used them and they also gave us good reviews about it.

3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine | Automatic 3d Papad Making Machine

3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine manufacturers

As we have told you above what snack pellets are. 3D snack pellet machine makes all these products. The machine here is completely automatic. It is also called an Automatic 3d Papad Making Machine.

Growmax International takes into account many things while manufacturing this machine such as: quality of the machine, production capacity of the machine, maintenance of the machine and also takes into account the size of the machine.
Today we are earning good profits by producing snacks across the country with the machines manufactured by us.
Nowadays, there is a wide range of 3D pellet production lines on the market thanks to the new technology of making 3D pellet snacks.

With 3d Papad Making Machine, we can prepare different types of products. It simply provides you with a wide selection of raw materials and dyes that shape the products.

They are then dried so that the product is of high quality in the following processing stages, such as toaster and fryer.

This machine is made of premium grade stainless steel. Due to which there is no problem in its maintenance and transportation. The power consumption in this machine is also very low.
You will not need much labour to operate this machine. One or two workers can also control this machine well.
The production line including engineer, mixer, bakery, baker as well as flavouring division of 3D snacks pellet papad making machine has been introduced.
In short, the entire line consists of twelve departments; V Dough Mixing Equipment Mid-Conveyor, T-Conveyor, Food Extrusion Machine, Sipping Equipment, Flavoring Machine, Sinopor Planter Conveyor vs Deoil Planter vs Planter Presser vs 5-Layer Filler.

Specifications Of Automatic 3d snack pellet papad making machine

Our company is widely involved in offering a wide spectrum of 3d papad making machine. We provide our range at very reasonable price to our customers.
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Application:3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine | Automatic 3d Papad Making Machine
Voltage: 380 V/50 HZ;415 V 50 HZ;220 V 50 HZ;440 V 60 HZ
Power: 85 kw, 110 kw, 128 kw, 155 kw,
Capacity: 100~150kg/h, 200~300kg/h, 300~400kg/h
Size: 50000×4000×3000mm, 28300×4200×6000mm, 45000*5500*3000mm etc.
Raw Material: Wheat Flour, Starch
Warranty: 1 Year
After-sales support: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Main body of the machine: Stainless Steel.

Automatic 3d Pellet Snacks Papad Making Machine Price in Noida (India)

Automatic 3d Pellet Snacks Papad Making Machine

As you know with our automatic 3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine, you can easily grow your snacks and papad manufacturing business, that too without any hard work. You will only need to put raw material in this machine, the rest of the work will be done by this machine itself.

So some people believe that when the machine is automatic and does all the work itself then its price will also be very high. but it's not like that.
The price of this machine has been kept in such a way that if any small businessman or beginner wants to buy this machine, he can easily buy it. To buy this machine, you will also get EMI facility from our company.
So let us now talk about the price of automatic 3d Papad-Making Machine. You can buy this 3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine from Growmax International between the price of Rs 10.5 lakh to Rs 15.00 lakh. The price is depend on machine’s capacity or model. In this you will also get an EMI facility.
You can start your 3d Pellet Snacks Papad Manufacturing business by purchasing this machine anywhere in India or abroad.
Along with purchasing the machine, some services of the company are also available. Then what are you waiting for! Contact our team now and take your business to new heights.

Benefits Of 3d snack pellet machine

There are some benefits of 3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine

No need for many workers:The biggest advantage of buying 3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine is that you will not need much workers. Meaning you can produce more at less cost. One or two workers can control this very well.

Automatic:This is the fully automatic 3d Papad-Making Machine. Means, It has displays for every type of requirement or error. So that you can know well what the machine needs.
This machine has automatic temperature regulation control for automatic models, automatic start up and power cut as well as each process control with information visible on the display.

Occupying less space:These machines fit well in very small space.

Durable:Growmax International is a 3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine manufacturer. Their machine is made of stainless steel. Which makes it safe for a long time.

Electricity Saver:These machines consume very little electricity and have high productivity. This also reduces your electricity bill.

Versatility:These machines are very flexible. It is useful for preparing lots of snacks products. It also allows the user to use a wide range of raw materials including wheat flour, corn flour, potato powder.

Freshness:As we have told you that Growmax International is the Automatic 3D Papad Making Machine manufacturer, Therefore while making this machine they try to solve the problems of their customers in the machine itself.
After purchasing this machine, you will become its owner and with your machine you will be able to prepare 3D papad and 3D snacks on demand. So that your customer will get your product absolutely fresh.

Increased profit margins:Producing your own snacks can have higher profit margins than selling pre-packaged snacks, because you have more control over production costs and pricing strategies.

Scalability:As your business grows after purchasing a machine, you can easily increase production by adding more machines or expanding your product line to meet the growing demand in the market.

Why choose Growmax International

5 things that tell you why you should buy 3d snacks pellet papad making machine from Growmax International.

1. Technical Support: If you need any kind of technical support, our support team is always available for you. For any kind of problem, our team gives you immediate solution.

2.Branding: Growmax International will provide you complete assistance from installing the machine to creating your brand. We take great care of our client's needs. Growmax's support team will tell you all the information from raw material input into the machine and production.

3. Delivery: After purchasing the machine, it is the responsibility of Growmax International to deliver your machine to your factory. Not only the delivery but also the installation of the machine is done by the company's team.

4. Innovative technology: Our machines are manufactured using today's latest technology. Therefore you will get an upgraded machine from here.
Which incorporates the latest advancements in machine designing and engineering, which are suitable for increasing efficiency and productivity in snack production.

5. Marketing:Our team will guide you how you should do marketing for your business. What do you need for that? Which will help you in expanding your business.

Our Final Output

3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine

The 3D snacks pellet production line manufactured by Growmax International provides much needed efficiency, unlike other snack pellet making equipment with highly versatile die facing and cutting tools.

According to the type of snacks to be produced, wheat, flour, starch and other liquids are added to the batch mixer of the machine.

After that it is cooked at a controlled temperature. After it is cooked, the snacks are chopped and processed into a mixture. All this is done at a controlled temperature and pressure.
The advantage of making snacks with 3d Papad Snacks Pellet Machine is that you do not have to prepare separately for each task. This machine does all this by mixing all the ingredients, cooking them, cutting them on a die basis, and drying them all in one combined unit.
With this, you do not face any problem in transporting different snacks from one container to another for further processing.
Dye is used in the machine to make different types of snacks. These can be of different shapes such as: star, wheel, heart and any animal.

Dye is used in the machine to make different types of snacks. These can be of different shapes such as: star, wheel, heart and any animal.

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